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1980 – MidPoly Retro Rooms (ChildRoomUpdate2021 – Part III)

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “1980 – MidPoly Retro Rooms (ChildRoomUpdate2021 – Part III)” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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1980 – MidPoly Retro Rooms (ChildRoomUpdate2021 – Part III) v1.1

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Thanks to modular architectural elements and a huge library of old school, you’ll mount the unique game world in the 80s’ atmosphere, the producers of movies and games come back more and more eagerly.

Emaceart studio presents:

NEW!! Retro ChildRoom Set – Summer Update!!

1980 – Retro Youth Room Pack being REGULARLY DEVELOPED

The only retro set on the Asset Store inspired by ” series and other old movies with a plan to be developed in the next year.

The pack is going to be developed significantly in higher prices. Buy now to have the whole set cheaper.

High-quality lowpoly retro collection with 3 steps of LOD`s and Handmade colliders ready to use on Unity Engine!

Above 95x Interior modular and tileable assets:

– Modular interior walls for all rooms-37x

– Modular exterior walls -17x

– Walls With wallpapper texture for all rooms-21x (Kitchen, ChildRoom, YoutRoom)

– Walls with doors for all rooms-17x

– Walls with windows for all rooms-17x

– Main Walls with solid colors for all rooms(red, blue, green, noir)-17x

– Floor,roof,ceiling-4x, wall corners (connectors)-5x, columns-3x

– Masking elements for the walls joins and edges-6x

166x Props

– VideoPosters, Pennants, GameBox, Clothes, Curtains, Carpets, Cardboxes, Books, Posters,

Rugs, KitchenTools, Lamps, Mops, Planks, Plates, Baseball bats, Bagpacks, Cameras, Caps, Clocks, Cups, Cushions, Notepads, Telephones, Thermoses, Knives, Newspapers, Tea boxes, ScoopTools???? Trays, Light Switches

97x Furniture with elements (doors, drawers, schelves)

-Beds, Bookshelves, Drawers, Desks, Tv shelves, Tables, Bookcases, Wardrobes, Wall cupboards, Armchairs, Seats

16x Computer

– Amiga Game Boxes, Commodore Monitors, Commodore Recorders, Computer keyboards, Atari2600, Computer Mouses , Mouse Mats, Joysticks, Amiga Diskette Boxes, Amiga Diskettes

6x Game Console

– GameBoy, SuperNintendo Pad, SuperNintendo Cartridge, Nintendo Pad, Zapper

39x Toy

– BoardGames, Telescope, Robots, Walkie Talkie,Apache, 2xChattery Teeth, Basketball ball, Baseball bat, Skateboard, Ping Pong Paddle, Ping Pong Ball, Vehicles

28x Collection

– Clip frames with movie poster, Movie Posters, Pennants, Vinyls, Road Signes (Stop,Kangaroo)

10x RTV

-Walkmans, HeadPhones, Cassettes, Radio Alarm Clocks, Cameras, Tv’s, Cassette Recorders

36x Food

-Fruit, Soups, Yoghurt, FishCans, Bottles, Eggs, Bread, Sandwiches

8x Container

-Baskets, Bowls, Drawers

Render Note

To run STANDARD,HDRP, URP please import pack to HDRP or URP project and then import support pack which is inside the asset in “RenderSettingsSupport” folder. It will replace shaders and added postprofile. Please also check readme files inside that folder. This pack includes a 80’s style room interior with aesthetically made props. Pack contains over 200 models of classic interior props and furniture of a youth room.

The registered trademarks visible on the video and screens are due to the copyrights used for the promotional purposes only and are not attached to the pack in a form of textures.


– Original HighQuality models

– 370 models and Over 510 prefabs

– 3 Demo scenes (Prefabs Preview, Youth Room, Kitchen Room, Child Room).

– 5 texture Atlas (4096×4096)

– 22 meterials

– 6 HDRP Post-processing volumen profiles

– 2 URP Post-processing volumen profiles

– 4 Standard Post-processing volumen profiles

– LOD`s


– LOD0: 50 – 2000 Tris

– LOD1: aprox. 80%

– LOD2: aprox. 40%

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