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2D Platform Pack Retro – 2D RPK

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Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download 2D Platform Pack Retro – 2D RPK Free.

2D Platform Pack Retro – 2D RPK v1.20

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NOW with more Sprites and Prefabs added in ver. 1.1!.

2D RPK is a BIG collection of 2d Sprites and Prefabs (over 310+ sprites and 320+ prefabs!) which includes lot of platforms, items, props, power ups, enviroment and decoration items, etc.. that you can use to build or quick prototype 2d games like platform games or jump ’em up games. This kit is compatible with PC and mobile platforms. If you plan to develop your new 2d game, then this kit is a must-have!

With this 2d Game Art Kit you’ll have all the graphics elements you need to make or prototype your next 2d game! and more will be added in the next updates!

=>Click here to watch a video of 2D RPK Game Art in action!

This 2d Game Art Kit is composed of 317 sprites and 324 prefabs ready with colliders, some of them are physics enabled and some are animated (coin animation, monsters animations). The animated sprites are made of a sequence of frames.

If you need more customized sprites in this style, please contact me at my FB page: facebook.com/DooLabs

2D RPK come also with some basics example scripts and prefabs to make basic gameplay mechanics like Moving Platforms (Horizontal and Vertical), smooth background color changer script (allows to change the background color when the player enter some areas), etc…

A demo scene is included to demonstrate some of the elements available.

Some elements inside this kit:

* Tileable Platforms and Blocks (of different kind: grass, sand, stones, bricks, glittered blocks, wooden blocks…)
* [NEW in ver. 1.1]More extra platforms with different candy style colors
* [NEW in ver. 1.1]City buildings and walls, streets, props, lamps, night sky background and moon
* Moving platforms (horizontal and vertical)
* Animated Coins
* Monsters (animated)
* Wooden signs (go forward, backward, up, down, stairs, danger…)
* Trees, bushes and cactus, flowers, mushrooms
* Stones
* Static Boxes and Wooden Crates
* Physics enabled Boxes and Wooden Crates
* Fruits
* Colored containers
* Smooth Background Color Change Script (allows to change the background color when the player enter some areas, to simulate night & days atmospheres, or zones with different atmosphere colors).
* Misc props: Door, chests, tunnels, colored keys, star, hearts
* Stairs
* Clouds
* Spikes
* and more will be added in the next updates!

This set of 2d retro game art is made in pixel art, with colors that take you back in the ’90. Many pieces have a size of 256×256. Some others are 128×128 pixel, 256×128, 64×64 and similar, and someone has various other sizes.

Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PC and Web games.
You can use them with any sprite library (The new Unity 2d sprite system, 2d toolkit, etc…) or any way you like, even with your own sprite library.

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