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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “2D RPG Kit” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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2D RPG Kit v3.5

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Elevate your Unity RPG projects with the 2D RPG Kit: a comprehensive, user-friendly toolkit for creating immersive, turn-based RPGs without coding.

Welcome to the 2D RPG Kit – your ultimate solution for crafting turn-based RPGs in Unity. Designed with both the aspiring game developer and the seasoned creator in mind, this kit simplifies the journey from concept to fully realized RPG. Say goodbye to the complexities of game programming and hello to a world where your creativity knows no bounds.

Why Choose the 2D RPG Kit?

Solve the Game Development Puzzle: We understand the challenges you face in game creation – the 2D RPG Kit is here to turn those challenges into opportunities. By eliminating the need for intricate coding, we offer you the freedom to focus on what truly matters: bringing your imaginative worlds to life.
A First Impression That Lasts: Captivate your audience from the moment they enter your game. The kit is designed to make a powerful first impression, ensuring your RPG stands out. Dive into an asset pack filled with everything needed to create immersive worlds, engaging narratives, and thrilling combat.

Key Features at a Glance:

Modular and Intuitive: Flexibility at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate with existing mechanics or forge new paths in RPG creation.
Rich Content Library: From sprawling maps to hidden treasures and a vast array of spells and abilities – the possibilities are endless.
Dynamic Dialogue System: Craft compelling stories with a dialogue system that adapts to player choices, shaping the narrative’s direction and outcome.
Comprehensive Inventory and Quest Systems: Engage players with a robust inventory and quests that reward exploration and strategy.
Vibrant Audio: Enhance the ambiance with sound effects and music that breathe life into your game world.

What’s Included?

A Free Demo Game: Experience the kit’s potential firsthand. The demo includes all project files and documentation, providing a clear path from learning to application.
Community and Support: Join our Discord community and connect with fellow developers. Benefit from shared knowledge, feedback, and exclusive insights.
Educational Resources: Master the 2D RPG Kit with our video tutorial series. From basic setup to advanced features, we guide you through every step.

Quick Access Prefabs for Efficient Development:

Utilize quick-access buttons for tilemap layers, enhancing scene construction with ease.
Implement dialog choices effortlessly, offering players meaningful decisions that impact the game’s evolution.

Your RPG, Your Rules: Don’t let complexity stifle your creativity. With the 2D RPG Kit, your dream RPG is just a download away. Embrace the power of game development and embark on a journey to captivate players around the world.

Modular Design: Ensures flexibility and ease of customization, allowing integration with existing game mechanics or the development of new features.
User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the game development process, making it accessible to both beginners and advanced users without requiring programming knowledge.
Comprehensive Asset Pack: Includes a wide variety of sprites, animations, and sound effects to create unique and engaging game environments.
Turn-Based Combat System: Offers a fully implemented system with customizable character stats, enemy AI, skills, abilities, and combat outcomes.
Dynamic Dialogue System: Features branching paths and choices that impact the game’s story and ending, enriching player interaction and narrative depth.
Robust Inventory and Quest Systems: Engage players with detailed inventory management and quest systems that offer objectives, rewards, and side quests.
Immersive Audio: Enhances game atmosphere with sound effects and music tailored to fit the RPG genre and specific game scenarios.
Free Demo Game Included: Allows developers to explore the kit’s capabilities through an included demo game, complete with all project files and documentation.
Community Support: Access to a vibrant Discord community and video tutorial series for additional support, guidance, and collaboration.
Quick Access Prefabs: Streamlines scene construction and dialog choice implementation, offering efficient tools for building and customizing game elements.
Parallax Scrolling: Adds depth and motion to game backgrounds, enhancing visual appeal and immersion.
Critical Hit Mechanics: Introduces critical hit rates and effects in battles, adding strategic depth to combat encounters.
Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Simplifies the setup process for inventory items, skills, shop items, etc., making game customization more intuitive.
Layer Change Mechanism: Enables characters to walk under or over bridges, adding complexity and realism to game environments.
Event and Quest Management: Provides tools for creating and tracking events and quests, ensuring seamless narrative progression and enhancing player engagement.
Character System: Includes a detailed system for character development, allowing for customization of attributes, skills, and equipment.
Battle Character Animations: Enriches combat with unique animations for both player characters and enemies, improving the visual experience of battles.
Enemy and Character Placement: Offers an improved system for placing enemies and characters in battles, facilitating easier animation and strategic gameplay.
Flexible Dialog Choices: Enhances narrative depth with an adaptable dialog choice system, enabling developers to create complex conversations with multiple outcomes.
Inventory Check Component: Adds the ability to check for specific items within the player’s inventory, useful for quest progression and unlocking game features.
Quest Completion Requirements: Expands quest functionality to include multiple requirements for completion, adding complexity and depth to quest design.
Critical Hit Mechanics in Battles: Integrates critical hits into combat, offering another layer of strategy and unpredictability in encounters.
Player Start Prefab: Allows for the definition of custom starting positions for players, enabling varied gameplay experiences across different scenes or levels.
Pushable Block Prefab: Introduces interactive elements like pushable blocks to solve puzzles or unlock pathways, enhancing game interactivity.
Save Point Prefab: Provides designated save points where players can manually save their progress, essential for larger RPGs.
Shop Keeper and Inn Keeper Prefabs: Includes prefabs for NPCs like shopkeepers and innkeepers, offering services and interactions that enrich the game world.
Teleport Prefab: Facilitates scene transitions through teleportation points, allowing for smooth movement between different areas of the game.
Common Events Prefab: Offers a versatile tool for triggering a variety of in-game events, from simple actions to complex cutscenes.
Event Object Activator Prefab: Dynamically activates or deactivates objects in the game world based on the completion of specific events.
Quest Object Activator Prefab: Similar to the Event Object Activator but focused on quests, enabling objects to change state as quests are progressed or completed.
Version History and Regular Updates: Demonstrates active development and support for the kit, ensuring it evolves to meet user needs and Unity updates.

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