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4K Space Skyboxes

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download 4K Space Skyboxes Free.

4K Space Skyboxes

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This package contains 40 space-themed skyboxes, each featuring six 4k (4096×4096) png textures – perfect for projects requiring high definition visuals.

240 textures in total, each of which are seamless (as per the materials they are assigned to) and unique – no repetitions!

These skyboxes are themed as follows:

– blue nebulae
– firey nebulae
– mixed nebulae
– monochrome (for B&W projects, and also to allow the use of a uniform colour tint)
– nebulae only (in case your project requires a third-party starfield)
– starfields without nebulae

All the nebulae have been pre-rendered with a volumetric effect, to give an impression of realistic, internal illumination.

Plus – no lens flares!

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