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Ability & Combat Toolkit

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download ABC – Ability & Combat Toolkit Free.

Ability & Combat Toolkit v2.0.2 (Latest version)

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ABC – Ability Combat Toolkit v1.6

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ABC – Ability Combat Toolkit v1.5

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ABC is an Editor Extension Toolkit which allow you to easily create abilities and also provides many other combat related features, all in a simple to use interface.

For all types of games from 3rd Person to FPS; create melee attacks, combos, magic spells and more with an infinite number of effects like healing an ally, pushing objects or inflicting damage.

The toolkit also comes with animations, graphics, audio and other features relating to abilities and combat including health/mana management, AI, targeting and more.

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Contact: [email protected]

Additional Features
– AI
– Attack Combo system
– Health/Mana System
– Target and Auto Target System
– Blocking & Parrying
– Automatic Object Pooling
– Stat Creation
– Scroll-able Abilities
– Full Animator Control
– Animation Clip Runner
– Weapon equipping/unequipping functionality
– Hit Reaction System
– Fully Interactive Icon Toolbar/Book
– Export & Import System
– Graphics, Animations and Audio Assets
– Ammo & Reload System
– 2 Playable Demos
– UI System showing target info, health/mana, ability activation progress and more
– Ability Grouping allowing abilities to become enabled/disabled on certain events
– Game Creator Asset Integration
– Emeraid AI Integration
– Plus more!

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