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Actor Controller – An advanced character controller

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Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Actor Controller – An advanced character controller Free.

Actor Controller – An advanced character controller v1.105 (Latest version)

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Actor Controller v0.77

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Take control of your characters with the Actor Controller!

The Actor Controller is an advanced character controller for use in any type of game and with any type of character. It’s a silky smooth replacement for Unity’s default character controller that’s built with simplicity and performance in mind.

Advanced features include:
* Walking on walls
* Moving and rotating with platforms
* Handling super-fast movement
* Limiting and sliding on slopes
* Orienting to the ground
* Moving with nav meshes
* Changing gravity
* Customizable body shapes
* Complete code (C#)
and more…

The Actor Controller is great for both player characters and NPCs . With its component based architecture, it can be used with any input solution and any AI solution.

By using a “driver” to tell the Actor Controller what to do, you can create any style game with the responsiveness you need.

Set your character up in less than a minute with the included drivers and enjoy advanced features. Or unleash the full power of the Actor Controller by creating a custom driver that fits your unique game.

User’s Guide
Web Demo

Motion Controller users get the Actor Controller for free as MC2 is based on the Actor Controller.

This asset is an “input controller” and not a rigid-body or physics controller. What I mean is that it’s built for precise control of your character using keyboard, game pad, AI, etc. You wouldn’t use it for a hard billiard balls, call ApplyImpulse(), and watch it bounce around due to real-world physics. At least not without you creating a custom driver.

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