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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Advanced File Browser Free.

Advanced File Browser ver.Initial

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Advanced File Browser – FOR WINDOWS –
easy to use system which can help you to make file browser[like Windows ] with a lot of functions.
Select file, move file/directory, remove file, rename file/directory, bookmarks, copy-paste and cut file/directory and many other functions [Features list below]
Drag one prefab to your scene and FileBrowser ready to use!
Based on new Unity UI!

– Open files [Double click]
– Loading image preview [All Selected|Selected One|All]
– Filter files
– Filter depending on the access level to file/directory.
– History. You can move back
– Search system
– Stretchable window
– Draggable window
– Updateable window
– Popup windows with information [Errors, Warning e.t.c]
– Bookmarks [Add/Delete]
– Actions with chosen files
– Custom Editor
– Supports 36 file formats!
– 41 high-quality textures are included
– Very easy to use and powerful
– Dragging files and folders to another folders
– Renaming files

In the future.
– Will be added ability to selecting folders mode
– Will be added loading bar animation
– Bag fix and optimization

Any questions? Any ideas to improve this system?
E-mail: [email protected]

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