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All Star Character Collection

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download All Star Character Collection Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

All Star Character Collection v5.2 (Latest version)

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On sale this month for just $35!!!
SUB 2.5k LOD FOR MOBILE FOR FANTASY CHARS ONLY AT THIS TIME. THE NEW ROOT NODE BASED SKELS AND ANIMS have been tested and setup with weapon switching controllers
30 good “B” grade generic characters for 150$!!! Great for prototyping or support roles and they are very high performance for PC. Note:these are not normal mapped

all models -6000 tri’s
all models are texture altased
4096×2048 source PSD’s included
30 outfits
17 face models + 39 head textures
20 hairstyles
16 eyecolors
7 hair colors
4 skin tones
200+mecanim animations!!!

These characters are setup to use any standard mecanim humanoid animation, no extra bones required.

Characters inlcuded:
Amazon Archer
Warrior Princess
Female Viking
Female Bezerker
Plate Armored Knight
Medieval Crusader
6 Modern Civilian Women
6 Modern Male Civilians
SciFi Male Officer
SciFi Male Crew Member
SciFi Trooper
SciFi Pilot Guard
SciFi Space Armor
SciFi Female Officer
SciFi Female Crew Member
SciFi Female Trooper
SciFi Female Pilot Guard
SciFi Female Space Armor

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