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AltSDK (Professional)

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download AltSDK (Professional) Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

AltSDK (Professional) v1.00

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Unity 4.6 – 5.X compatible
AltSDK Unity Asset forum discussion thread

AltSDK Professional Asset is for Professional developers.

AltGUI – Unity UI integrated Professional GUI Framework with Windows Forms like API. Based & include AltSketch – Vector Graphics Library with System.Drawing (GDI+) like API.

Unity Web Demo

Main features:

– Includes source code of AltAssets

– GUI: Unity UI integration; Windows Forms like wide range of controls; Awesomium Browser integration

– Interactive Vector Graphics, Geometry Transformations, Clipping, Boolean Operations

– Brushes, Pens, Custom Shader Material Brushes, Graphics

– C# FreeType port, flexible Font Engine

– Direct Image Load/Save operations: PNG, JPEG, BMP, Animated Gif, TIFF, TGA

– AntiAliased and Solid Vector Data Triangulation

– HW Render to Texture, SW Render to Texture2D

– ZipFile & Folder storage Virtual File System

– Many integrated interactive packages: SVG, NPlot, OxyPlot, PieChart, GMap.NET, HTML/CSS, etc.

– Common Keyboard and Mouse Input Framework

– Pure C# code without native dependencies

– Hundreds of examples in Demo; Backend & Integration source code included (implementation does not depend on a specific version of the Unity)

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