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Ancient City Ruins

by [email protected]

This pack contains 450+ Ancient Ruins prefabs with combinable modular prefabs and many architectonic elements. It works for both interior and exterior and allows different levels of custom building.

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “Ancient City Ruins” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Ancient City Ruins v1.0

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Over 450 prefabs of Ancient Ruins
Combinable modular prefabs
Many architectonic elements
Works for interior and exterior
Allows different levels of custom building
Premade rooms and buildings
Decorative props for ruins
Basic nature decoration props
Wide ruined city demoscene included
HDRP and URP downloadable packages
Essential terrain pack assets included


Ancient remains are a testament to a forgotten glorious past. The architectonic elements of the ruins are combinable modular prefabs that allow for different levels of custom building. The ruins are perfect for both interior and exterior scenes, and the pack includes many premade rooms and buildings, decorative props for ruins, basic nature decoration props, and a wide ruined city demoscene. Some Essential terrain pack assets are also included. The pack will allow you to create your own unique scenes of mysterious city ruins with ease.










[Upgrade from Ancient Ruins]

This asset is a major upgrade of Ancient Ruins including so many changes that both packs are not even compatible together in the same project, however if you own Ancient Ruins you get almost 35% discount on this product!

[Maximize asset compatibility]

To get full compatibility with other Daelonik artworks assets is recommended to use Ancient City Ruins instead of Ancient Ruins Pack.

*Please check information in the description and technical details before using this asset.

[Prefab List]

Ancient Ruins (288)
Arcs Base (14)
Arcs Far (11)
Arcs Triumphal Far (9)
Blocks Brick Stones (24)
Blocks Horizontal (20)
Blocks Vertical (26)
Bricks Floor (6)
Bridges (12)
Columns Fine (15)
Columns Simple (9)
Columns Strong (18)
Fence (5)
Gates (3)
Gate Wall (6)
Pieces (29)
Platforms (9)
Round Floor (8)
Stairs (17)
Walls Basic (20)
Walls Platform (18)
Walls Tower (9)

Ancient Ruins Premade (45)
House (16)
Other (4)
Rooms (18)
Temple (7)

Deco Props (84)
Ceramic (13)
Derbis (4)
Ornated Elements (17)
Skeleton Parts (19)
Tombs (17)
Wood Crafts (8)
Wooden Parts (6)

Nature Props (47)
Misc (3)
Rocks (38)
Rock Pack (2)
Dead Trunks (6)

Fxs (3)
Particles (3)

[Using Ancient City over an Ancient Ruins scene]

Not recommended using Ancient City Ruins over a project with Ancient Ruins Pack. Asset prefabs keeps GUID while they’ve been widely updated so scenes using old version might show many issues when updated.

[Demo images & video disclaimer]

Demo video & images uses several assets from asset store like KWS water system, Volumetric Fog, Enviro, Height Fog and HBAO Occlusion. Final look might be slightly different for this reason.

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