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Animated Water Texture Pack

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Animated Water Texture Pack Free.

Animated Water Texture Pack

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Animated water texture pack with 4 types
of water. CPU and GPU friendly.

64 frames per type and 256×256 pixels per frame, 2 normal maps and 3 color maps.

Play speed: 15-30 frames per second.

The textures in the demo scenes are
128×128 px (normal map)
and 64×64 (color map) px resolution.
The original (256×256) resolution textures
are included too.

Used shader: Bumped Specular
Used lights: Simple directional light.

The full content of the pack:

-waterA_col: blue, common water
-waterA_nor: normalmap for water A
-waterB_col: color map, blue, dark,
-waterC_col: color map, green
-waterD_nor: normal map, fine waving

– BooldWater_col: color map, red (v1.2)
– C# script (v1.3)

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