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APR Player

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APR Player v1.0

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APR Player

The APR Player is an active physics ragdoll player controller for the Unity game engine.

Learn and create lovable, clumsy, bobble head active ragdoll games like GangBeasts, Human: Fall Flat, Totally Reliable Delivery Services etc.

Includes everything you need to get started from A character binding tool, example scenes, scripts and basic documentation to the approach.

Adjustable APR Controller Script Properties

– Player Input Axes
– Movement Speed
– Direction (self or camera)
– Step Prediction, Height, Duration
– Active Ragdoll Strength
– Reach Stiffness
– Impact & Audio

Binding Tool

Create your own active ragdolls with the binding tool by importing A rigged model with A basic humanoid tree, align and scale the APR Player box model template prefab to fit your model then assign the respective bones of your model into the binding tool, bind it and press play!

Interactive Environment

Adding physically intractable objects are as easy as adding A riggidbody and the tag “CanBeGrabbed”.

Example Scenes

The package includes 2 different example scenes to give you an idea of how to set properties in order to achieve either A Gang Beasts fighting or A Human: Fall Flat puzzle style game, with additional example scripts.

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