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Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Aramech Free.

Aramech v1.0

This content is password-protected. Please verify with comment to show the download link. Thanks.

This is only a GUI skin and not a coded product.
You need Photoshop to customize/edit/access this product, in it’s PSD form. If you do not have a Licensed Copy of Photoshop you will be limited with only the sliced PNGs.

“Aramech” is a futuristic, military themed GUI that is suitable for RPGs or MMORPGs. Designed for PC platforms in mind. Slices are for 1920×1080. It’s possible to be scaled down for lower resolutions as well to a minimum of 1024×768.
This is a big GUI project and features many resources, boxes for professions, character equipment, inventory, abilities and much more. Multiple screens for character creation, loading screen and log ins. See the screenshots for full idea of what it contains.

-Sliced PNGs
-12 Main PSDs
-16 Resources PSDs
-Documentation RTF File

-Lots of Elements
-Majority Smart Object
-Minor use of Vectors
-Hand-painted Elements
-Normal/Active/Hover States for Buttons
-Futuristic Theme

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