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ARPG Attributes, Items, & Abilities

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download ARPG Attributes, Items, & Abilities Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

ARPG Attributes, Items & Abilities v1.22.7 (Latest version)

Download Now

ARPG Attributes, Items & Abilities v1.21.8

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ARPG Attributes, Items & Abilities v1.21.4

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ARPG Attributes, Items & Abilities v1.12

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Inspired by Diablo-esque dungeon crawlers, an equipment, item, attributes, loot, and abilities system that leverages Scriptable Objects.

NEW! Playable Dungeon with Orcs Demo Try it out! (Dungeon & Orcs Assets NOT INCLUDED. See the credits at the demo.)

[ Playable Bare Demo | Playable Dungeon with Orcs Demo | Full Documentation | Website ]

Main Customizable Features
—–*Equipment Traits
—–*Loot Tables
—–*Loot Drops
—–*Abilities NEW!
—–*Equipment Slots
—–*Ability Tree NEW!
—–*Auras NEW!

Also includes
—–*Saving System
—–*Clothing System
—–*Basic NavMesh movement and combat
—–*Formulas for physical and elemental combat damage
—–*JSON saving/loading NEW!
—–*Dual Wielding NEW!

[ Playable Demo | Full Documentation | Website ]

The system utilizes Scriptable Objects and interfaces to allow you to incorporate these pieces into your own games or to start anew!

The system is designed to be lightweight; this is NOT a ‘game creator’ kit. Instead, this is a foundation for your own game in Unity.

Everything is customizable and all the source code is provided. I encourage you to check out the Documentation and the Demo to understand the system.

The included canvas UI elements use TextMeshPro and the included demo uses Unity’s NavMesh.

The included art comes from Open Game Art under creative commons licenses. The character models pictured in the playable demo come from mixamo.com, but are not included in the package.

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