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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Auto Fence & Wall Builder Free.

Auto Fence Wall Builder v3.3.5 (Latest version)

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Auto Fence Wall Builder v1.21

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Auto Fence & Wall Builder is a tool for the rapid design and building of fences and walls, from presets, your own designs, or 3rd Party Models.
Simply shift-click anywhere on the ground and the fence/wall will build and update in realtime. The terrain/ground can be modified any time, and AFWB will update to perfectly follow the slope.

You can use one of hundreds of included prefabs, or your own custom prefabs via simple drag & drop.

New in v3.0:
Variations – Long constructions can avoid repetition, either by procedural variation controls, or simply clicking on a section in Scene View to substitute an alternative prefab.

Rewritten preset manger: All presets and component part menus are now categorised in submenus for quicker previewing.

You can choose from 100s of presets and parts, build your own from included kit parts, use your own Game Objects, or randomize. Fence an entire game level in minutes using presets, while also having detailed control over every parameter, and randomisation of each component part.

With just a few clicks you can create complex fences or walls of any shape and layout, and any length.

There is zero setup or learning time; Import it, click twice or more, and a fence or wall is built. At any stage you can choose or create a new fence/wall style, while the layout of it remains in place. Any fence you build will adapt to the contour of the ground beneath, and you have full control over interpolation, rounding, height and complexity.

At all stages an on-screen triangle count is shown, for every component part, and the total for the wall. Triangle count is generally low for the included prefabs (40-100 for most)

There are controls for thinning-out the fence models based on distance or angle, and with just two clicks you can finalize, and start a new fence.

Full source code included. Quick support if you need it.

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