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Battle Of Bee complete game

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Battle Of Bee complete game

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Is the Battle Of Bee – An interactive products with attractive screen shooter in which the player will act as a Super Bee combat with the enemy. A product with a storyline: “A village of Bees, peace for centuries. One day, the forces appear cruel, aggressive and hegemonic will to make this beautiful world. They are devastated, sowing death around the mean. And this time the militant Bees will face cruelty against the enemy. ” I think you will like this story.
Return the product, in Battle Of Bee will be the main features and highlights are as follows:
# Systems massive levels: Each table games, you will have to shoot and knock out the bees bring boom suicide – they move with rapid speed – slow, you will have to pay close attention to fighting Graphics brings bright colors
# Each table will have to deal with the boss with super weapons.
# Collect items and warehouses equipped with guns, in order to calculate a reasonable upgrade at each table
# Easy integration of advertising: Admob, Vungle, Tapjoy, Chartboots
# Attachments: Guidelines build the platform, change audio guide, guided imagery incorporating advertising, APK test
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