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Bezier curved particles flow editor

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Bezier curved particles flow editor Free.

Bezier curved particles flow editor v2.11

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Create, edit and modify your particles flow curve in Unity Editor. Supports undo, points insertion, editing of individual Control Points. Created for Shuriken Particles Engine. Build for use from Editor UI for your integration needs, provides clean pure .Net C# code for your developers happiness.

Main component is ParticlesStaticBezierFlowController which provides curve which is blazingly fast (prebaked positions/velocities), requires no extra game objects.

We created an experimental demo which runs only on WebGL 2 enabled browser such as Google Chrome 47

Tested on Unity versions:
– 5.3.1
– 4.7.0
– 3.5.7

Create an empty GameObject, Click on Component->Effects->MathArtCode->Particles Static Besier Flow is all the setup needed to trart editing your flow!
See video clips and embeded documentation for more installation and usage instructions.

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