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This is a paid asset, but now you can download BM Weapon Systems Free.

BM Weapon Systems v1.5

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As the Javascript has been depreceted by Unity, the Javascript version of BattleMancer had to be deprecated too. Enjoy the C# version! ?

The BattleMancer is a powerful, complete Asset, which allows you to create any type of Weapons and Spells for Your Game with ease!

Will it be an Action Shooter, a Top-Down RPG, an RTS, a Survival Horror, a Tower Defence or a 2.5D Platformer – BattleMancer has all you need to create the most fitting Arsenal for any game!

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The Battlemancer Weapon Systems is an easy, versatile weapon maker template, allowing you to create any Melee, Ranged and special attack, as well as Magic Spells, Character Skills, Firearms, Swords, bare hands attacks and Sci-Fi Guns for any Game Project of yours – imagination sets the only limit!

BattleMancer is a kit of four, massive systems, including:
-Weapon System
-Damage Area (AoE) System
-Projectile System
-Health System
-Limb System


Some of the features:

Weapon System: (core)

-Primary and Secondary Fire options (with ammo sharing options!)

-Raycast(hitscan) / Projectile / Damage Area attacks for all your ranged, AoE and melee needs.

-Damage Types (for the unique Damage Resistances of the BM Health System).

-Animation features for Attack WarmUp, Cooldown, Idle, Interval, Reload and Inspect – and more!

-Adjustible horizontal and vertical accuracy for both 3D and 2.5D Games’ weapons.

-Projected Crosshair (crosshair object can be projected in the world space, like a lasersight.)

-Remote Fire (Attack with Primary or Secondary fire manually with player input or call a simple function!)

-Multiple Sound features.

-Ejecting shells.

-Different effects for Target and Enviroment hits.

-And more!

Standalone Damage Area System:

-Multiple Damage Types and Damage Resistances options.

-Repeated Attack (perfect for enviromental hazards, fire, cold, plasma, magic, and so on!)

-Singlehit/Multihit (Damage Area can hit each target once in it’s lifetime or repeatedly. Let them Burn!)

-Hit Angle and Range.

-Applying Force on objects (pushing or pulling them)

-Different effects for Target and Enviroment hits.

-Obstacle Check

-Multiple Sound features.

-Vast amount of different timers and delays.

-And a lot more!

Projectile System:

-Multiple Damage Types and Damage Resistances options.

-Projectile Damage Fall-off.

-Gravity, Gravity Start Timer and Facing Move Direction options.

-Sticking to hit object features.

-Instantiating objects on impact.

-Applying force to objects.

-Different effects for Target and Enviroment hits.

-Multiple Sound features.

-Much more!

Health System:

-Damage Resistances (%) for different types of damage! (or Heal, if Damage is set to negative number!)

-Single collider or custom BM Limbs [New!]

-Hurt / Death options and features

(including animating, Sending Messages, Destroying components, playing randomised sounds, spawning objects and more.)

-Heal sounds

-More of the various timers!

-Custom Death Script Space (Advanced. A place in the script, where you can write you own Death function without messing around the default code.)

-And loads more!

All Systems:

-Automated SendMessage on many situations, like getting hit or dying, for easy use with other scripts (in other coding languages as well!).

-No coding skills required. All functions set from the Inspector view.

-Implemented Documentation: All documentation is written in form of Tooltips. Just move your mouse over a variable you want to know about to show it’s instructions, hints, requirements and much more.

-Mind-bendingly polite Debug messages.

-Supports Legacy Animation Systems.

-Synergy: using multiple Systems on a single object can produce unforgettable results! Check the video for examples!

-All Demo models, sounds, supportive scripts and other assets included. Go nuts!

-Full Support: I am open for all your e-mails. If you happen to have any doubts creating your RPG Skill set or Spell book, a Rocket Launcher, Blaster, Modern Axe, Energy Rifle, Plasma Knife, Horror Monster Claws or any other part of your chosen combat arsenal or pack for your inventory, I am always there to help and suggest hints and tips.

Create everything.
Destroy Everything.

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