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Bouncing Rabbit

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Bouncing Rabbit Free.

Bouncing Rabbit v1.4

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Bouncing Rabbit is a full Unity template ready for release. It is compatible with mobile as well as webplayer in portrait screen.

On sale for a limited time: 50% off

Demo | Youtube

Click or touch on mobile devices to change direction of rabbit. Avoid the collisions and collect coins to score.

+ Mobile Friendly
+ C# commend code
+ Complete Game (Menu, Sound, Score, Pause)
+ Great learning resource

Credit to freesound.org for sound effects and go to these authors for their great sound samples: lloydevans09, foolboymedia, fins
Credit to Kenney for icon. You can support or download more assets at Kenney.nl

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