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Chainlink and Tarp Materials

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Chainlink and Tarp Materials Free.

Chainlink and Tarp Materials

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This set of materials and textures is built with a wide variety of platforms in mind. They can be used with or without the height map, AO, etc.

All materials have a color, metal/roughness, height, ambient occlusion and normal map.

Each material has a fully tiling and horizontally only tiling version.

The textures can be adjusted to be between 32 and 4096 max resolutions.

Included in this pack are the following:
– 20 4k PBR texture sets
– 20 Materials
– 3 Prefabs for the fence section, post and hanging tarp

If you dont want the tarp to be transparent, simply change its material to be cutout instead of transparent.

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