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Clean & Minimalist GUI Pack

by [email protected]

Detail this asset from Unity Asset Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Clean & Minimalist GUI Pack Free.

Clean & Minimalist GUI Pack v1.0

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The #1 clean and minimalist GUI Pack for Unity. If you are looking for the original asset that kickstarted the clean UI revolution on the Asset Store, look no further.

The Clean & Minimalist GUI Pack is a mobile-friendly game UI pack containing many icons and elements that can be used to create a complete game UI with a clean and minimalist style.

– Dark Skin WebGL Demo –
– Light Skin WebGL Demo –
– Black Skin WebGL Demo –


• 3 skins included: Dark, light and black.
• A clean and professional design that make the pack ready to be used in any kind of games.
• 500+ icons and elements. included.
• Easily-customizable colors, styles and sizes.
• 9-sliced sprite borders which allows you to scale images up or down without distorting its geometry.
• 15 different background color variations.
• XBox One, PS4, Steam and PC game controller button icons included in 2 styles: Dark & Light.
• HTC Vive VR game controller icons included in 6 styles.
• Oculus Rift and Remote VR game controller icons included in 4 styles.
• Mobile-friendly. Can be used in portrait and landscape orientations.
• Sound effects included.
• Animations included.
• Vectorial .SVG and layered Photoshop .PSD icons included.
• Layered Photoshop .PSD mockups included for any advanced customization you might need.

Complete demo project showcasing how the contents of this pack can be used in a real-world project with full C# source code, prefabs and animations included.

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