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Climbing System

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Climbing System Free.

Climbing System v3.13 (Latest version)

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Climbing System Controller v2.0.1

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• Have you ever tried to code climbing and traversal abilities and got stuck?
• Would like to create a game with climbing and don’t know where to begin?
• Do you want to focus on design and don’t want to spend too much time with hard and complex code?
Climbing System is the solution for you!

⚡ Create games faster with Climbing System. Add climbing abilities, get fluid movement and customize as you want. ⚡

See what you can achieve with this asset: Legend’s Hunter


• What games can I create with this?
With Climbing System you can create any 3rd person games or 2.5D games. It’s a flexible package that allows you to adapt this to what you need.

• Which abilities are included in this package?
– Complete climbing abilities, including climb jumps.
– Ladder climbing
– Lower Climb
– Step Up
– Vault
– Free Locomotion and Strafe
– Crouch
– Roll
– Wall Run
– Wall Climb
– Crawl
– Mathematical prediction for jumps

• Does it work for Mobile?
– Yes! It does!

• How long idoes it takes to create new characters??
– In seconds! There is a custom editor window that allowes you to create characters fast. You can see that’s true here.

• Does it work with Humanoid characters?
Yes! It was designed to work with Humanoids.

• Does it work for generic characters?
No! It only works for humanoids.

• Is it ready for Network Multiplayer?
You can create custom script to allow it work for Multiplayer, but there is no ready setup for it.

• Where can I find support if I need?
– For any issues with this package, you can contact me by e-mail.
– You can also post your doubt on the forum thread.
– You can also follow my facebook page and ask questions by private message: Dias Games page.

• Script-based animator: no explicit transitions.
• Cinemachine Camera Controller: you can set different cameras for each animation you are playing.
• IK for hands and feet on climbing situations: Automatically adjust hands and feet during climbing. Fully customizable parameters to adapt to any character.
• Visual and easy Inspector: friendly inspector to help you change scripts parameters.

• InControl (Read User’s Manual to get these scripts)

Games made with CLIMBING SYSTEM:
Legend’s Hunter
Minimal Raider
Temple Raider

⚠️ DON’T IMPORT Packages and ProjectSettings FOLDERS DURING IMPORT.⚠️

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