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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Code Enchanter Free.

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Code Enchanter v2.1.2a (Latest version)

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Code Enchanter aims to improve your application’s performance and memory usage by enchanting your code. It automatically implements tips and guides from makers of Unity and game development professionals from all around the world. It searches all of C# script files to find a room for improvement and makes minor changes to your code while preserving your code style and comments to make the code more CPU and memory friendly.

Code Enchanter takes on a lot of mundane and non-creative work so you can focus on what’s important. No programming skill is needed, one click will make your code better. It is strongly recommended for non-programmers, mobile & VR developers and novice users.

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– Tag: Converts operator comparisons to method ones for less CPU and memory usage *
– Method: Comments out empty Unity callback methods for less CPU usage * *
– Destructor: Comments out empty destructors for less CPU usage *
– ForEach: Converts foreach loops to for ones (intended for Unity versions 3, 4 & 5) for less CPU and memory usage *
– Distance: Converts distance comparisons to squared ones for less CPU usage *
– StringBuilder: Converts string concatenations to StringBuilder format for less CPU and memory usage *
– Reciprocal: Converts constant number divisions to multiplication for less CPU usage *
– Order of Multiplication: Converts vector multiplications to floating point ones for less CPU usage *
– Procedural LINQ: Converts LINQ expressions to plain procedural instructons for less CPU and memory usage *

Visit website for more details and feedback

For older versions of Unity, download the legacy version from the website

This asset requires PlayerSettings->ScriptingRuntimeVersion to be .NET 4.X Equivalent. It shouldn’t effect most users since .NET 4.X is the default option and other options are deprecated for the supported Unity versions.

This asset uses Roslyn under Apache license and roslyn-linq-rewrite under MIT license; see THIRD-PARTY-NOTICES.TXT file in the package for details.

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