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Combat for Game Creator

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Combat for Game Creator Free.

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Combat for Game Creator v0.13.0 (Latest version)

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Combat for Game Creator v0.12.0

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Combat for Game Creator introduces combat features to the Game Creator ecosystem. It provides optional integrations for both the Shooter and Melee modules. It has also been designed to work with the Behavior module and the Accessibility Module’s Mobile UI controls (by Pivec Labs).

Please be aware that Unity 2019.4 LTS (or higher) is required beginning with release v0.8.0 (previous versions required 2019.3 or newer).

Documentation: firechickengames.com
Combat Demos: Fire Chicken Games YouTube Channel
Combat (and other) Tutorials: RVR YouTube Channel
Discord: Game Creator Server’s #Combat Channel



Need proximity, point-and-click mouse, or aim assist targeting? Combat has you covered.

Advanced features include player targeting by visibility and trigger/action targeting for NPCs.

Prefab Spawner

The spawner component uses object pooling to efficiently spawn and despawn game objects.

Advanced features include multiple spawn patterns, snapping spawned objects to the ground, respawning cooldown, despawning by distance, and action-based spawning/despawning.

Shooter and Melee Integrations

Seamlessly switch between Shooter and Melee weapons while focused on a target (requires Melee and/or Shooter modules).

Other Features

• Mobile UI Button Compatibility for Accessibility Module (by Pivec Labs).
• Homing projectile.
• Support for Destructible Targets.


Combat is an extension for Game Creator.

It is required – Combat will not work without it.

The Shooter and Melee modules are optional.

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