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COZY: Plume – Volumetric Clouds Module

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “COZY: Plume – Volumetric Clouds Module” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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COZY: Plume – Volumetric Clouds Module v1.2

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Fill your skies with particle-based, fully volumetric clouds with PLUME: Volumetric Clouds for COZY 3!

REQUIRES COZY 3.0+ to work properly! Contact us over Discord for older versions

Distant Lands presents:

COZY: Plume – Volumetric Clouds

Bring new depth to your skies with fully volumetric clouds for COZY: Weather 3! COZY: Plume uses a cell-based chunk system that effectively generates cloud particles

Extend your COZY system with onboard tools:

Cell-based procedurally generated volumetric clouds
Automatic chunk generation, culling, and pooling make for quick cloud generation at any altitude, speed, or location
Bend your clouds to the horizon to give the illusion of a curved planet
Use the profile system to design your own cloud types
Automatically animate according to a custom wind speed and direction
Combine normals of nearby chunks automatically to make large cohesive clouds
Generate colliders for clouds
Accurate cloud shadows
Spread out noise calculations to increase performance
Use with or without COZY’s default cloud types

Comes with 5 different cloud profiles:

Default Volumetric Clouds – Balanced, well-rounded clouds that are great for any project!
Tall Volumetric Clouds – Exaggerated clouds that make your sky look majestic
Thin Volumetric Clouds – Simple thin clouds that add a subtle depth to your scene
Tiny Volumetric Clouds – Small 3D clouds that can be used for smaller scenes
Performant Volumetric Clouds – Example profile with settings optimized for light systems

Full module editor with onboard tools
5 cloud profiles that demonstrate different cloud styles
Helpful tools like cloud shadows, colliders, and area-based clipping.
Brand new demo scene with an example of a setup COZY system that uses PLUME.

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