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Customizable SciFi Holo Interface

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Customizable SciFi Holo Interface Free.

Customizable SciFi Holo Interface v1.5.2

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NOTE If this download link requires a Decryption key, please enter this key: 4NIPvor8GFxRUCzvdPfsIEQswR2_KkIwbclUEA8ggD4

Easily create your own interactive and animated holo interfaces!

– Extremely customizable layouts (World Canvas-made)
-A dedicated component to automatically handle child animators appear & disappear functions
– Various appear and Idle animations for all elements, pre-made
-Can be completely Interactive with UI buttons, layouts…
– 3D and 2D elements combined
– Separated animated elements, can be customized.
– Can be recolored & resized at will without breaking appear/disappear animations
– Provided with more than 15 examples and sound effects
– Can be used in VR
– PBR showroom scene & psd files includedWEBGL Demo

Unity Standard Assets – Image Effects must be manually imported to get the showroom to fully work
The textures are all in HD, you can lower them to reduce memory footprint. As well as disabling image effects for a smooth mobile experience

Note: Image Effects and unscaled time feature of this asset isn’t available when using Unity version below 5.4.x. When using Unity above 2017, image effects can be replaced with post processing stack bloom effects. Supported by: Dialog System With Unity You can contact me through the forum and my publisher page.

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