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Decalicious – Deferred Decal System

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Decalicious – Deferred Decal System Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

Decalicious – Deferred Decal System v1.5

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Decalicious is here to satisfy all your longings for fancy Deferred Decals!

● Deferred Decals: Modify albedo, normals, specular, smoothness and emission for a plethora of effects
● Full Lighting & Reflections: Thanks to Deferred Rendering, full lighting and reflections come cheap
● Dynamic Transform: Decals can be dynamically spawned, moved, rotated and scaled, and are batched and culled for maximum performance
● Limit Decal to Game Object: Choose whether a Decal should be drawn on every surface in its bounds, or be restricted to a specific GameObject’s surfaces.
● Works with Terrain: Add detail to your terrain or use decals to get rid of those hard mesh-terrain edges
● Editor Placement Utility: The Decalicious Utility helps you place decals quickly in the Unity Editor
● Unlit Decals: In additional, Decalicious supports unlit decals for world markers, UI and effects

Deferred Rendering is required for deferred decals to work, obviously.

Decalicious is a brand-new system and is actively developed and tested in our own titles. Check out the Roadmap to see what’s up next. The price will be adjusted as more features are added.

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