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This is a paid asset, but now you can download DecisionFlex Free.

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DecisionFlex v1.4 (Latest version)

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Do you want AI that acts in a reliable and human-like manner?

Do you dread AI that’s a mess of special-case nested if-else statements, making balancing a nightmare?

Then DecisionFlex is for YOU!

See the three demos in action

Read the docs

Read the tutorial

DecisionFlex is great at making emergent and human-like AI. It is quick to integrate, with minimal code, full tutorial, and docs. You don’t need to understand any complex maths to use it.

DecisionFlex is easy to balance and maintain, using tools you know like the hierarchy and animation curves. It is based on Utility Theory, an increasingly popular approach to decision making.

DecisionFlex is ready to ship, with built-in debugging tools and optimised to run well with no allocations on mobile devices

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