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by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Deckard Render Free.

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Decard Render v2.0.5b (Latest version)

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If you use Unity to make movies, or wan’t to export a high quality animation of your project into a video – Deckard Renderer is for you! It is made to overcome most of the problems in realtime graphics.
-Render videos from your Unity project without spatial or temporal aliasing issues. Result can be both soft or sharp based on your needs
-Simulate a behaviour of real life cinematographic or video cameras – from color to optical features of most advanced analog or digital cameras used in TV and cinema production.
-Use Physically Modelled Natural Depth of Field based on Syntethic Aperture technology – with natural looking bokeh
-Use Physically Modelled Natural Motion Blur for a smooth motion feeling at cinematic framerates
-Make any realtime light emit soft diffuse shadows
-It plays well when used together with Unity Post Processing Stack or any other post processing effect. It will smooth any unstable image effect and remove noise from it
-It doesn’t require usage of any custom shaders or materials
-Deckard adds the ability to create custom multipass shaders that can be used for materials such as hair, car paints or skin shaders
-Deckard is compatible with Amplify Shader
-Supports Timeline
-Supports Cinemachine
-Supports HDRP (experimental)
-Exports to PRORES MOV video files or MP4
-Supports motion blur for skinned meshes (only for Unity 2018.3 or greater)
-Tilt Shift effect
-Uses progressive rendering in Editor
-Supports motion blur on particle systems
-Has a feature to take screenshots from editor, with the ability to capture depth maps for Facebook 3D posts
-Auto focus function (with definable autofocus speed)

Important Note: Deckard doesn’t render in realtime and is suited only for exporting images or movies.

*Deckard Render is still in developement, and it will be adding new features
** Deckard Render is best when used with modern hardware GFX cards


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