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Drawing & Coloring (Extra Edition)

by [email protected]

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Drawing Coloring Extra Edition v1.1.2 (Latest version)

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Drawing Coloring Extra Edition v1.1.1

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Drawing & Coloring (Extra Edition) Package.
Pick up the tools in the bottom to draw on Screen and paint the Characters. Use the Hand Tool to Zoom/Pinch Zoom & Drag the picture.

>>> Ready for publish <<<

WebGL Demo | Android Demo | Support | Forum

Key Features

– Tools List :
1. Pencil
2. Crayon
3. Brush
4. Paint
5. Paint Roller
6. Paint Can
7. Sparkle
8. Stamp
9. Eraser
10. Hand

– 17 Built-in Characters~New
– Advertisements Manager ~New
– Admob Integration ~New
– ChartBoost Integration ~New
– Unity Ads Integration ~New
– Bezier Path option for Smooth Lines
– Zoom IN/OUT & Pinch Zoom
– Web Screenshot Print & Export
– Ability to Undo/Redo
– Shapes Manager
– Singleton Manager
– 14 Colors and you can add more
– Trash with Confirm Dialog
– Mouse and Touch Cursor
– LineRenderer based
– 2D Sprites Used
– 14 Sprites per Tool
– Scrollable Lists
– Scrollable shapes selector
– Temp Draw saving between Shapes
– Commented source code in C#
– Landscape Orientation
– Mobile support IOS & Android
– Package Manual

Note :
The Filling Tool is implemented without using any algorithm ,you must slice your character into separate white parts to fill each one .

Works with Unity 5.5.0 or Higher built-in features. As well as supports Unity 2017 , 2018 , 2019 or Higher.

For Flood Fill Paint Project, Use the following Paint Shapes

Why to buy this package ?

Drawing & Coloring is a successful educational product ready for publish to reach millions of downloads and to verify this you can check out the following online example for one of users who purchased it .So what are you waiting for ? Reskin your app and publish it now!

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If you have any questions, suggestions, comments , feature requests or bug detected, you can contact us and we would be happy to listen from you.

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