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Dynamic Water System

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Dynamic Water System v1.3.3.0

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Dynamic Water System is a custom interactive water physics system. It is designed for simulating small shallow water bodies such as pools, small waterfalls, ponds, fountains etc. Realistic look of water is achieved through wave simulation applied to a high-poly mesh. Also includes a great voxel-based buoyancy system.
Dynamic Water System is the one effect that’ll instantly enhance your scene.

– Realistic dynamic waves simulation. – Buoyancy system smoothly integrated with dynamic water. Objects cause ripples when moving through the water.
– Static obstruction objects.
– Highly customizable and well-written code.
– Full API documentation included.
– Documented demo examples.
– Full support for Unity 3.5.7 – 5.x versions.
– Optimized for low-end hardware and designed to work on mobile devices.

WebGL demo
WebPlayer demo
Forum discussion thread

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