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Easy Build System – Modular Building System

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Easy Build System – Modular Building System Free.

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Easy Build System V5 v5.2.5 (Latest version)

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Easy Build System V5 v5.2.3

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Easy Build System V5 v5.2

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Easy Build System V5 v5.1

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[ Documentation | Discord | PC Demo ]

Important :
Features : Includes all required components (2018 or higher).
Samples & Integrations : Includes all the demo content. (2019 or higher.)
All contents can be downloaded on the Discord with your invoice number.
Asset is not refunded, before buying if you’ve any questions contact me.

Description :
Advanced modular building system for Unity.
Easy, Fast, Scalable, Powerful, crafted to work out of the box.
Includes features like physics, save and load, blueprint and others.
Support first and third person as well as top down view.
Add your own prefabs in some clicks to place or destroy it.
Quick Start feature to use it with only one click on any scenes.

Platforms :
PC, Android, Mac, Linux, WebGL, Unity Editor.

Features :

Builder Behaviour: Placement, Destruction, Edition.
Set inputs settings, modes, preview, audios.

Part Behaviour: Set runtime settings to each prefabs.
Preview settings, collisions, appearances, physics conditions.

Socket Behaviour: Snap any prefabs with offset settings.
Two anchor types (Snap or Attachment).

Area Behaviour: Allow or deny the placement, destruction, edition.

Build Manager: Compatible with Unity, Voxeland terrain or custom support.

Blueprint Data: Save in runtime all the prefabs to load in Editor.

Parts Collection: Collection of prefabs to use in one click.

Build Storage: Save and load the data of all the prefabs in the scene.
Support two serialization types (Binary/JSon).

Add-on(s): Some add-ons are included in the package to add new features.
Useful for developers to add new features without changes anything.

Official Integration(s) :
Photon Network (PUN1).
Photon Network (PUN2).
Opsive -Third Person Controller.
Invector – Third Person Controller.

Unofficial Integration(s) :
(Experimental) uRPG.
(Experimental) uMMORPG.

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