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Edy’s Vehicle Physics

by [email protected]

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Edys Vehicle Physics v5.3

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EVP brings fun and realistic vehicles to your games! Designed for gameplay, ease of use, and realistic behavior.

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– Precise control and fun to drive vehicles even with keyboard / touch screen.
– Any vehicle setup: street, truck, racing, drifting…
– Vehicles can be rigged and configured in minutes (Video tutorial)
– Easy integration into existing projects: just drop a prefab in your scene and hit and play.
– Vehicle damage effects, including deterioration of handling.
– Multiple ground materials supported, including per-material grip and drag coefficients, ground marks, skid marks, smoke, dust, etc.
– Lots of audio effects: engine, turbo, transmission, tire skid, body impacts, body scratches…
– Built-in “Pause” function for vehicles without setting timeScale to zero.

Implementation details:
– Full C# source code.
– A single component VehicleController provides fully working vehicle physics.
– Additional features available as add-on components: damage, audio, tire effects (marks, smoke, dust), visual effects, standard input, sample random AI input.
– Easily write your own add-on features by using the exposed properties and delegates.
– Custom PBR shader for tire marks.
– Custom shaders for particle effects (smoke, dust) with shadows.
– Garbage-Collector friendly. No GC allocations in runtime.
– Supports any physics timestep up to 0.06

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