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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Eliot AI Pro Free.

Eliot AI Pro v1.0.4 (Latest version)

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Not compatible with the previous version (Eliot AI – Framework)

Eliot AI is a next generation cutting edge tool to create lightning fast high quality artificial intelligence for your game! From simple FPS games to full blown boss battles, Eliot AI can get you up and running saving you weeks and months trying to code all your AI on your own! Our state of the art Behaviour Designer gives you a visual way to create powerful robust Artificial Intelligence for your game!

Come see why Eliot AI has quickly become a top solution for games and download your copy today!!


⭐ Features and Functionality ⭐

◽ Build powerful AI behaviours without writing a single line of code (with our powerful Behaviour Designer)

◽ Get a live visual display of your AI in action within the Behaviour Designer

◽ World Famous 5 Minute AI Integration (Watch the YouTube Video tutorial)

◽ Your AI characters can see the world around them with powerful built in Perception

◽ Using Unity’s built-in NavMesh system AI characters can navigate the world you’ve created

◽ Easy animation setup. Works with both Mecanim and Legacy animations. Basic Animator Controller included.

◽ You can set up any Resources (Health, Energy, Magic, etc.) for your characters and bind them with a variety of characters’ actions

◽ You have an option to control your characters fully or share the control with the Behaviour

◽ Comes with a pack of starting behaviours to get you up and running FAST! (7 Starting Behaviours to Work With)

◽ Modular reusable Skills that allow your characters to interact with the world and with each other in a variety of ways

◽ Comes with a pack of starting skills (8 Starting Skills to Work With)

◽ Procedural attributes. Add new variables to your Agents without a single line of code

◽ Powerful new Welcome Window showcasing Eliot Tutorials and Documentation

◽ Inventory System: Your characters can pick up and use items, like potions, weapons etc with our powerful built-in Inventory System

◽ Multiple options for Perception to fit your purposes better (2D Perception, second perception, distance-based perception and more)

◽ Your characters are capable of dodging as an addition to the rest of the Motion features

◽ Easily bind your Resources (e.g. energy) with Motion to simulate tiredness

◽ Ability to use Unity Events to control your characters by binding any keys to actions without having to code

◽ Our Powerful Utility AI System within the Eliot Graph

◽ Finite State Machines within the Eliot Graph

◽ Custom Parameters within Behaviours and Interfaces. Behaviours are now even more reusable and customizable

◽ Control Animation within the Behaviours.

◽ Character Wave Generation and Pooling Handler

◽ Unlimited Skills

◽ Unlimited Key-Skill Bindings

◽ Turret option capability for Motion

◽ Patrol Functionality for Motion

◽ Perception Mask Filtering Capabilities. Increase performance by using physics layers

◽ Ability to reuse your characters’ objects upon death as an alternative to reinstatiating them every time

◽ Advanced Behaviour Functionality (Run Away, Walk Away, Patrol, Dodge, Etc.)

◽ Pro Interface DARK Skins and High End UI

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