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Energy Bar Toolkit

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Energy Bar Toolkit Free.

Energy Bar Toolkit v3.0.9

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Energy Bar Toolkit is the most complete progress bar solution available in Unity Asset Store. Energy Bar Toolkit is a set of scripts to help you create progress or health bars that you need. It’s powerful and simple because you don’t need any scripting knowledge to create many kinds of beautiful and functional bars in a matter of minutes.
Check out the documentation and look at the video tutorials just to see how easy it can be!

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• Unity5 and Unity UI support!
• PlayMaker support
• NGUI support
• DF-GUI support
• Atlases support
• Easy positioning in 3D space
• Can be used with C#, JavaScript and Boo
• Easy to setup (no scripting!)
• Built-in event system
• Tested on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and WP8
• Full inspector integration
• No need to hit Play to see the results
• Support for multiple resolutions
• Attachable to 3D objects
• Customizable bar labels
• Many visual effects
• Works with all Unity editions
• 3 bar packs included!

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