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Environment Sprite Pack + TopDown Tileset

by [email protected]

Detail this asset from Unity Asset Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Environment Sprite Pack + TopDown Tileset Free.

Environment Sprite Pack + TopDown Tileset v1.6 (Latest version)

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A set of tiles and trees for creating an Isometric or tilted down colorful game. Ideal for RPG and Isometric styles. All sprites are rendered from high detail painted and textured models, rendered in 45 degree isometric and 45 degree top down.

NEW! in V1.5: Preview of the top down tiles. Current version for testing only. A complete version is in progress. Moved to Unity 2018.4 to support the new tilemap functionality.

Four styles have been made.

High Resolution Original (All on 8192*8192 texture) – Contains Extra Props

Smaller Stylised versions:
Painterly Effect 1
Painterly Effect 2
Smart Blur Effect

All sprites have been cut and ready to use, an example scene is created.

This pack will have several updates as new tiles and objects are being made they will be added and Painterly/stylised effects will also get an update when all are ready.

Over 1000 sprites (includes variations of the same sprite, around 500 unique sprites)

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