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Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Eyes Animator Free.

Eyes Animator v2.0.1 (Latest version)

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Eyes Animator v2.0.0

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⚡ Eyes Animator is component which will animate eye spheres to behave like real or to behave more cartoon like, it’s up to you!
Use on cyclops, on human eyes, on spider, on any count of eyes you want.

☄️ Eye movement is a small detail thing, but when it suddenly appear in your project, you can feel that it was truly missing. Component have intuitive settings which you can use to design your custom movement for eyes.

✍ Animation is procedural and constatly random – no repetitions, it’s only using game object’s rotation. All you need to have are eye sphere models or eye bones in your 3D model.
Component have many additional features, one of them can be “Individual” toggles to make movement indiviudal for each eye, which can be very useful when animating eyes for monsters.

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• Includes interactive demo scenes
• Includes full source code with commentary
• Simulating eyes’ point of interest lag for more realism, which effect you can adjust using simple slider
• Random eyes movement simulation, with different presets:
From calm through nervous to psychical cues – movement of eyes when someone is lying / trying to remember sound etc.
• Eyelids blinking animation support
• Implementation to cooperate with Look Animator
• Quickly setup component with custom inspector
• Easily change target objects to be followed by eyes
• Blend eye animation and effects you apply in component with sliders
• Easily set clamp ranges with inspector visualization

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