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FancyScrollView v1.9

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FancyScrollView is a C# script set that implements a unique animated scroll view.

API Documentation
WebGL Demo
Android Demo APK

Not supported:Item in different sizes (height/width)

You can freely implement scroll animationWhen FancyScrollView updates the scroll position, it passes each cell the normalized position of the viewport range. On the cell side, the position and appearance during scrolling are controlled by the cell itself based on the value from 0.0 to 1.0 . The sample uses Animator and formulas to implement the scrolling movement.

Works lightly even with large numbers of dataOnly the number of cells required for display is generated, and the cells are reused. You can confirm the operation while actually increasing the number of data in Demo . For FancyScrollRect and FancyGridView , you can also specify the margin before cells are reused during scrolling .

You can freely exchange messages between cells and scroll viewVia Context, you can simply implement the process of detecting that a cell is clicked in the scroll view and issuing instructions to the cell from the scroll view. Please refer to the implementation example (Examples / 02_FocusOn).

Scroll and jump to specific cellsYou can also specify the number of seconds to move and Easing. For more information API Documentation of Class Scroller Please refer to.

Scroll behavior can be set in detailYou can set scrolling behavior such as inertia and deceleration rate. For more information API Documentation of Class Scroller Please refer to.

Supports snapWhen snapping is enabled, it will move to the nearest cell just before scrolling stops. You can specify the threshold for the speed at which snaps start, the number of seconds to move, and Easing. FancyScrollRect and FancyGridView do not support snapping.

Supports infinite scrollYou can implement infinite scrolling by making the following settings in Inspector.

1. When Loop is turned on in FancyScrollView, cells are cycled so that the last cell is arranged before the first cell, and the first cell is arranged after the last cell.

2. When using the Scroller used in the sample, set the Movement Type to Unrestricted to make the scroll range unlimited. Infinite scrolling can be realized by combining with 1.

An implementation example (Examples / 03_InfiniteScroll) is included, so please refer to this as well. FancyScrollRect and FancyGridView do not support infinite scrolling.

This project is open source and freely available online, but a purchase through the Asset Store helps support development of open source software. Thank you for considering a purchase!

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