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Fantasy Horde – Orc

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Fantasy Horde – Orc Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

Fantasy Horde – Orc v1.30.1 (Latest version)

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Fantasy Horde – Orc v1.29

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Environment used on the renders is not included in this pack.

Highly optimized for mobile use or to create massive Hordes in your games!
It has an incredibly low polycount, optimized use of bones and no normal maps to work with simpler and lighter shaders.

Low Poly Orc army do your Fantasy Game with different accessories, armor and weapons.

Each model has low polygon counts and optimized textures:
-Polycount 1600 tris to 2500 tris (no gear to full gear)
-Textures: 1024×1024 (diffuse, metallic, glosiness and opacity)
-Animation: over 30

Very optimized models for mobile and massive armies.

Include some character variations that will require only one drawcall!

This pack has no normal maps, they are intend to use in games that require high level of optimizarion.

Ready to use Mecanim.

For URP use: Import the package under “Extra Content” folder.


★ Highly optimized and clean meshes

★ Efficient UVs usage to allow higher quality with lower texture sizes

★ Minimized number of materials and meshes to allow lower draw calls and high performance

★ Top quality animations

★ Clean project without unnecessary files


It is simple to convert the pack to Unity render pipelines.
For HDRP you can follow this video:
How to convert materials to HDRP
Some packs has already been updated to allow simple conversion to URP or HDRP, (we are working to make this feature available to all packs).

Change from Standard to Mobile Diffuse or Bumped depending of your budget.

Set the Max Size according your budget, for example 512 for third person games or 256 for RTS games.

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We have been helping developers achieve their dreams since 2011.
Our packs should works out of the box and have no glitches.
Please contact us here if you find any issue and we will solve it ASAP.

Due to the amount of packs it might take some time for some big update, but our goal is to keep all our packs to the same standards.

Feel free to contact us in case of any doubt, issues, suggestions or anything that come to your mind.

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