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Farm Link complete game

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Farm Link complete game

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Welcome to the magic farm of splaygame
Farm Link, the simple story, a farm where is needed to harvest. In the relation with the rare and worthy farm products, you need to play a role of “farmer” to find the rare and value plants’seeds

Apk Demo game:Farm Link

# Natural selection
On happy farm, you don’t need to go and harvest in each bed, just need to touch and glide on your phone screen and you could harvest them.
# Quick hand to harvest
The way to play is as easy as the game “Take 3-ăn ba”, but you need to harvest and link as much as possible in this game. The longer the link is, the better you have. Connect the same color, type of products to disappear them.
# Plentiful items store
Avatar system is changed constantly to increase your strength in each level. In addition, items is very helpful for harvesting.
# Images-sounds
It’s not the monotonous images of farm. You will see the emotion of the farm products: happy-sad; cry-smile…The interested sounds with the background sounds and character voices will bring you a lot of amazing on farm
# Plus connection
You could share with the social network, facebook to share your highest points. No limitation with ages, genres…

Strong plus connection! Why not happy farm!

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