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FlowReactor – High level visual scripting

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download FlowReactor – High level visual scripting Free.

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FlowReactor – High level visual scripting v1.1.1

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FlowReactor is a high level visual scripting editor. For more information visit the official website, documentation or the frequently asked question page:


Use FlowReactor to create AI behaviors, ui flows, dialog trees, tutorials, level scripting, game mechanics, state machines and logic flows.

Intuitive workflow
Create unlimited nested sub-graphs with custom outputs / transitions. Use the Eventboards and Blackboards to manage global events and variables. Thanks to the scriptable object workflow everything is easily manageable within asset files. Use FlowReactor to organize and manage sequences and logic flows with graphs and sub-graphs.

Custom nodes
While it’s possible to create complete games only with FlowReactors built-in nodes, its real power shows up when using your own custom node logics. Thanks to the node wizard, creating a new node is as easy as creating a new C# file.
FlowReactor is not bloated with tons of unnecessary fancy things which slows down your project.

Professional editor
The editor has been developed to seamlessly blend into Unity’s editor. Making it look and feel professional and native. Everything is logical and easy to read. Copy and paste nodes across multiple graphs, use the minimap to easily navigate through larger sized graphs and create groups and comments to keep your graphs well organized. Additional features such as branch movement and automatic node distribution completes the intuitive experience.

Graph explorer
Thanks to the graph explorer you can easily navigate through your graph and sub-graphs, find groups and see which nodes are currently active. The graph explorer also locates errors in your graph.

✔ unlimited nested sub-graphs
✔ hand crafted nodes
✔ create custom nodes
✔ create coroutine nodes
✔ node wizard for custom nodes
✔ global variables (blackboards)
✔ global eventsystem (eventboards)
✔ scene override variables
✔ scriptable objects workflow
✔ graph explorer
✔ professional editor
✔ native look and feel
✔ undo & redo
✔ copy & paste nodes across graphs
✔ minimap
✔ zooming
✔ groups & comments
✔ branch movement

API compatibility level
FlowReactor makes use of the excellent Odin Serializer, therefore API compatibility level .NET 4.x is required.

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