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Fresh Bread

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Fresh Bread for FREE, but please remember this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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Fresh Bread v2.0

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A low poly bakery food pack for anyone who is craving some freshly baked bread models (and bakery props too!). This pack contains over 200 prefabs to choose from, perfect for your next game or project (and is mobile friendly too!).

Technical Details
– Texture Resolution: 1024×1024
– All models are under 800 tris
– Number of Meshes: 107
– Number of Prefabs: 208
– Number of Materials & Textures: 82

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List of Assets
Baguettes: 200 tris
Baguette Halves: 112 tris
Baguette Slices: 48 – 88 tris
Bagels: 240 tris
Bagel Halves: 192 tris
Breadsticks: 200 tris
Breadstick Twist: 344 tris
Challah Loaves: 598 tris
Challah Wreath Loaves: 602 tris
Regular Loaves: 248 tris
Regular Loaf Halves: 154 tris
Regular Loaf Slices: 96 -118 trs
Rye Bread: 280 tris
Rye Bread Halves: 156 tris
Rye Bread Slices: 64 – 124 tris
Sourdough Loaves: 196 tris
Sourdough Halves: 114 tris
Sourdough Slices: 64 tris
English Muffins: 168 tris
English Muffin Halves: 96 tris
Hamburger Buns: 192 tris
Hamburger Bun Halves: 96 -120 tris
Hotdog Buns: 224 tris
Dinner Rolls: 192 tris
Kaiser Buns: 176 tris
Pretzels: 544 tris
Croissant v1: 420 tris
Croissant v2: 260 tris
Conchas: 320 tris
Melon Pan: 224 tris
Cinnamon Buns: 156 tris
Anpan: 400 tris
Anpan Half: 194 tris
Hot Cross Bun: 192 tris
Pita Bread: 120 tris
Tortilla: 84 tris
Foccacia: 200 tris
Naan: 190 tris
Rolls: 216 tris
Dumplings: 192 tris
Rolling Pins: 400 tris
Trays: 396 tris
Loaf Pans: 268 tris
Proofing Baskets: 364 tris
Basket Trays: 236 tris
Baskets: 716 tris
Basket Cloths: 682 tris
Peels: 220 tris
Flour Closed: 288 tris
Flour Open: 382 tris
Bamboo Steamer Lid: 512 tris
Bamboo – Steamer Middle & Bottom: 320 tris

Note: No animations or colliders included


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