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GAF Pro: Flash to Unity

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download GAF Pro: Flash to Unity Free.

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GAF Pro Flash to Unity v5.2.9 (Latest version)

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GAF: Flash to Unity plugin enables using Flash 2D animations in Unity.
Just create 2D animations in Adobe Flash Pro, convert the SWF files into GAF Format and play back them in Unity.

GAF: Flash to Unity consist of:
1. Built in SWF to GAF Converter;
2. GAF Playback library to play back GAF animations.

SWF to GAF Converter is a tool for conversion of animations from SWF files into GAF Format. It can convert about 99% of the animations created in Adobe Flash Pro. For the full list of features you can read the article Supported features of the Adobe Flash Pro. Before starting the conversion process please read the articles How does conversion work? and How does GAF Converter select content for conversion? Information about all conversion settings can be found in the article Conversion Settings.

Conversion in the Unity SWF to GAF Converter takes place entirely on gafmedia servers. This approach was deployed because the core of the GAF Converter requires AIR runtime to convert animations contained in SWF files. If you want to convert animations entirely on your computer, you can use the Standalone GAF Converter that is available for Mac and Win platforms.

The SWF to GAF Converter includes conversion settings according to license level. The Free license provides basic conversion settings. To unlock additional conversion settings you need the Studio or Enterprise license.

GAF Playback library features:
– GAF data import
– Extended animation customization
– Flash dynamic filters
– Stencil masks
– Custom animation color
– And more

GAF: Flash to Unity plugin available in two versions:
1. GAF Free: Flash to Unity
2. GAF Pro: Flash to Unity

The SWF to GAF Converter in both plugins versions is the same. The GAF Pro plugin includes additional features only in the GAF Playback library compared to the GAF Free plugin version.

The GAF Pro additional features:
– Unity Mecanim Animation System support (without blending)
– Extended animation customization and resource management
– Ability for Animation playback from Inspector window

The GAF Pro plugin does not require the GAF Media logo to be placed on the loading screen of your game.

Before importing the latest version, please delete the previous installed version in your project! You will also need to recreate (NOT RECONVERT) your animation game objects.

Documentation, Tutorials and Examples are included (fla files and unity demo scenes with converted animations).

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