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Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 02 – Mountain & Volcano

by [email protected]

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 02 – Mountain & Volcano Free.

Gaia Stamps Pack Vol 02 – Mountain & Volcano v1.0.3

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Dependencies: Gaia required![Get Gaia]

The Mountain and Volcano stamps pack includes terrain stamps that are either volcanoes or mountains that may make perfect volcanoes with some additional stamping to subtract a caldera. The pack includes 10 stamps of mountains and volcanoes which are perfect to stamp as an entire scene or as a stamp randomizer option, or to be blended into an existing terrain with masks

. This pack is the second volume of our collection of stamp packs. We have plenty more planned and will be rolling out at least one new pack every month. There may be a bundle option down the road but at this point, each pack will be sold separately.

Pre-made Gaia session files!
Our pack’s Gaia eXtension includes a foldout which allows you to playback the Gaia session which was created by Gaia when the stamps were tested. The session not only creates a new terrain and stamps it using the exact settings I used when testing the stamp and preparing for my screenshots, it also creates the same spawners and spawns exactly the same as seen in my screenshots! The spawners do require that you have the Gaia sampler assets which are bundled with Gaia to be installed. You can also load the session files into an existing Gaia spawn manager object and select to only run certain parts of the session, for example if you only wanted to stamp the session and then go use your own spawners.

If you have specific stamp pack requests, please visit our forum thread and post your suggestion for a new pack!

Unity Forum Thread | Website Product Page | Documentation | Stamp Pack Quick Start

Gaia sampler assets which come with Gaia include samples from the following publishers/packs. We are mainly showcasing these because samples in the screenshots because they already come prepackaged with Gaia. But for control and a much wider variety of models, please consider supporting these publishers by buying their packs/products! Note, only samples from the packs are included with Gaia. Not the complete packs!

– Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge
– Real Rocks from MotuProprio
– Grasses from Turboscalpeur
– Trees from SpeedTree
– Textures from GameTextures.com

In addition to the Gaia sampler assets, I also used the following assets which are not included:
– Sky by Time of Day from Mod Monkeys

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