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GIBLION: Anime-NPR-Toon Scene Generation Framework

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “GIBLION: Anime-NPR-Toon Scene Generation Framework” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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GIBLION: Anime-NPR-Toon Scene Generation Framework v1.8.0

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GIBLION Anime Scene Generation Framework is a next generation Anime scene creation tool for URP, covering multiple aspects for anime styled scenes, including shaders, image FX, foliage, sky & terrain.

GIBLION Anime-NPR-Toon Scene Generation Framework is a next generation Anime scene creation tool for Unity3D URP Pipeline. The system includes multiple toon, anime, outlining and non photorealistic rendering (NPR) shading techniques in both shader and image effects, blob based creation of cloud and tree formations, particle based foliage generation, dynamic wires system, toon water, dynamic Wind Walker style grass system, spline based River generator with toon river water shading and much more.


GIBLION can be upgraded from Sky Master ULTIMATE for a discounted price (more than 50% off) !

Note this is the first version of GIBLION, and will be in active development based on user feedback in the coming updates. For any feedback, help with use of the system or issue please contact ARTnGAME in E-mail or in the ARTnGAME Discord channel.

For tutorials & latest information, visit the GIBLION forum.

For support, contact me via [E-mail]

More info on the official website

For direct chat and help on any issue, please contact me via ARTnGame Discord Channel


The GIBLION asset has been developed and uploaded using Unity 2019.4.22f1 LTS. Any later Unity version is supported as soon as possible through patches and possibly few changes that will be mentioned in the final section of the manual, please also contact me for support with any new Unity version, as new Unity versions may break any asset and will help directly with new patches as needed.

The system officially supports Unity 2019.4.22f1 and 2021.3 LTS and any version that has been tested and have patches for. Patches are provided for Unity 2021.3.0f1 LTS if need to upgade to 2021.3 from 2019 project later, including addressing issues with the new Deferred rendering mode and making all shaders work properly. There is still very few shader warnings and things to tweak and resolve for Unity 2021.3 version, so that will be an ongoing work for next updates.

The system has not been tested in VR, mobile, Mac, consoles and Linux. Some modes are also not compatible with Mac, specifically the Geometry Shader based grass module that is used for river edges. Please contact me for any further details as needed.

✅ GIBLION Features:​

– Multiple styles of cartoon, anime and non photorealistic rendering (NPR) techniques

– Tree and grass field(*) generators (Video)(Video)

– Interactive Instanced grass field(*) system, with automatic ground adaptation (Video)(Video)

– Multiple grass interactors support (Video)

– Multiple grass wind modes and controls (Video)

– Compute shader vertex feed grass option, for unique effects (Video)

– Geometry based grass for easy emit grass from any mesh (Not compatible with Mac)

– Dynamic clouds shader (Video)

– Cloud and tree formations creator with metablobs (Video)

– Wires system, with static and fully dynamic options (Video)

– Big range of cartoon shader options (Video)

– Next generation outlining, in both shader and image effect (Video 1)(Video 2)

– Particle Vegetation and fog options (Video)

– Dynamic toon rain drops material (Video)

– Toon water (Video – middle section is the Toon version included in GIBLION)

– Dynamic Verlet Chain system

– Big collection of image effects (Flare, Shafts, Halftoning, Ripple, Diffusion, Gradient Fog, Star Glow)

– Customized unique drawing style image effect with multiple options (Video)

– Cavity and ambient occlusion image effect (Video)

– Toon skybox shader with gradient and posterize options (Video)

– River generation system with spline based mesh creation and toon river water shader (Video)

– Watercolor shading (Video)

– Watercolor dynamic decals for non Interactive background regions (Video)

– Toon terrain shader

✅ GIBLION Planned and TBD Features:

– Many more options for all shaders, outline options and effect

– Add option for multiple instanced direct grass fields to co-exist in a map

– Toon port city and Castle sample demos and assets release (Video)

– Integration with Sky Master ULTIMATE and InfiniGRASS

– Decal system for interactive regions (TBD)

(*) Notes on the Interactive Instanced grass field system: The grass field module purpose is to emulate a grass field as seen in Hyrule field, with the grass created above zero terrain height and adapted to the ground using a depth camera. It is possible to create more than one grass fields and below zero height and have added multiple demos with such in the latest v1.2, and also a tutorial video with description of the process in the comments, this mode requires a few manual setup steps. Note the system is not meant to be a general purpose vegetation system, for this purpose it is recommended to use the grass field generator together with the InfiniGRASS system which can cover more use cases, including optimization for trees and foliage that can use user defined custom meshes.

In the upcoming versions more streamlining in the addition of the extra fields will be added and also more grass mesh types, this is work in progress for next updates. The above information will be updated accordingly.

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