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Glowing Mushroom Forest

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Glowing Mushroom Forest Free.

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Glowing Mushroom Forest v1.1

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A collection of assets to build a fantasy/alien mushroom forest environment.

✓ 2-Level LOD Groups For Tree Prefabs
✓ Customizable Emissive Colors

This package includes:

-5 Different Giant Mushroom Trees
-5 Different Ground Detail Mushrooms
-2 Mycelium Overgrown PBR Ground Materials (shader not included)
-Mycelium Overgrown Rock
-Mycelium Overgrown Stone Light
-Pre-Baked Practical Demo Scene

Each prefab has a PBR material with an albedo, normal, height, AO, and emission map.

Texture Sizes:

Giant Mushroom Trees: 4096×4096
Ground Materials: 2048×2048
Stone Light: 2048×2048
Ground Details And Rock: 1024×1024

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