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Goblins & Magic: Game Starter Kit

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Goblins & Magic: Game Starter Kit Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

Goblins & Magic: Game Starter Kit v1.3 (Latest version)

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Creating your own mobile game is easier than you think! No matter what it will be – dungeon RPG, platformer or turn-based strategy, this package is very flexible and fits to everything! Create your game prototype quickly with my starter kit! All characters are prototyped with build-in Unity primitives, so it’s very simple to modify them and create new ones. Simple animation examples will help you to explore basic Unity animation technique. Learn how to make magic effects made with default particle system look amazing! This package also contains AI implementation for creature’s behavior. All C# code is designed and refactored according to Microsoft .Net guidelines.

Package content:
– Pixel goblin characters: Warrior, Shooter and Shaman (animated, 3d)
– Bonus characters: Knight, Bat, Slime
– Magic spells: Fireball, Ice Bolt, Poison Glob (particle system based)
– Map blocks (mesh and tiles)
– Coin (drop & collect)
– Base audio effects
– AI (implementation sample)
– 3 demo scenes (Survival, Creatures, WallToWall)

I hope my package will be useful for beginner game developers. Feel free to rate it and request a new features in comments!

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