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HD Wood Flooring (MiniPack 4)

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download HD Wood Flooring (MiniPack 4) Free.

HD Wood Flooring (MiniPack 4) v1.0

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MiniPack 4 of 4.

This package contains a unique portion of HD Wood Flooring (available here).

Woodweave Cherry Polished & Satin
Woodweave Maple Polished & Satin
Woodweave Oak Polished & Satin
Woodweave Pine Polished & Satin
Woodweave Walnut Polished & Satin
Woodweave Wenge Polished & Satin
Cork 9 & 10 Sealed
Oak Polished & Satin
Olive Polished & Satin
Poplar Polished & Satin

Individual 1024px X 1024px (lossless PNG): diffuse, normal and specular maps.


A simple/fast custom DX11 non-IBL shader is also included to bring out the best of most hard surfaces:
[Diffuse Map + Glossiness + Specular Map with Intensity + Normal Map with Height Control].

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