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Hologram Particles

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Hologram Particles Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

Hologram Particles v1.0

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This is a script based effect that works with Unity Shuriken Particle System to create many types of dynamic particle hologram simulations in the shape of an assigned Static mesh or waypoints. A new Skinned mesh script is now also available.

The script can use any medium to low poly static or skinned mesh, to display its shape with particles randomly along each vertex within the assigned mesh. This script also has a waypoint option to give full control over particles that can follow animating or moving waypoints … Textures, Color and particle size is still controlled by the particle system.

Features –

– New Skinned mesh script added
– Enable and or disable particle control at runtime
– Control Particle Speed and emit rate at runtime
– Comes with Several default particle textures
– Static Mesh can be swapped at run time
– Great for command room or table top style Holograms

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