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by [email protected]

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Horror FPS KIT v1.6.a (Latest version)

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HFPS KIT is an advanced and easy-to-use horror game template with many features essential to creating your own horror game, including gameplay features seen in AAA horror games of the last decade. It contains a lot of ready-to-use assets, just drag and drop them into a scene.


• Player Controller (Walk, Run, Jump, Crouch, Prone, Ladder Climbing)
• Fully Animated Player Body (Movement)
• Texture and Tag based Footsteps
• Player Lean and Wall Detection
• Weapons (Glock, Axe)
• Zoom Effect
• Item Switcher

• Save/Load System (Player Data, Scene Data, Inventory, Encryption)
• Cross-Platform Input (PC, PS4, XONE)
• Advanced Menu System (Cross-Platform Support)
• Inventory System (Add, Remove, Move, Use, Drop, Examine, Store, Shortcuts)
• Objectives System (Add, Complete, Complete and Add, Events)
• Cutscenes System (Queue)
• Examination System (Rotate, Double Examine, Papers)
• Drag Rigidbody System (Rotate, Zoom, Throw)
• Interact Manager (Pickup, Messages)
• Floating Icons System

• Custom Objects Pickup
• Light Items (Flashlight, Hinge Lantern, Candle)
• Backpack Inventory Expand Pickup

• Door, Drawer, Lever, Valve, Movable Interact
• Types (Mouse, Animation, Locked, Jammed)
• More Objects (Keypad Lock, Keycard Lock, Padlock)

• Rebindable Keyboard Controls at Runtime
• Zombie AI (Sleep, Wander, Scream, Agony, Hunger, Attack, Attract, Footsteps)
• Scene Preloader (Background Change, Tips)
• Jumpscares (Animation, Scare Effects, Scared Breath, Customizable)
• UI Menu (Main Menu, Pause Menu, Load Menu..)
• Notifications (Pickup, Hint, Messages)
• Realistic VHS Player
• CCTV System
• Ambience Zones
• Water Buoyancy
• Interactive Lights (Lamps, Switchers, Animation)
• Props, Collectable Items, much more..

• Emerald AI

Includes an in-depth documentation written for ease of use.

If you found any bugs or errors or you have a question, send me a message to my Email address: [email protected]
Or use my Customer Support form at my Website: Customer Support

Refund Policy:
I don’t offer refund because even if I refund your money, there is no way for you to return the asset and code!

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